Easter is just around the corner – this is a fun holiday to bring your family together and be surrounded by love. Although, along with Easter comes lots of chocolate and candy.

Easter egg hunting is a family tradition that children absolutely love – who doesn’t love Cadbury eggs, Whopper eggs, Peeps, Reese’s eggs and Starburst jellybeans? But here’s the bad news: all these delicious treats can lead to cavities and bad oral health.

Tip #1: Don’t brush right after eating candy Surprisingly, you don’t want to brush your teeth right after consuming sugary treats. Candy not only has a lot of sugar, but also a lot of acid. If you don’t drink a lot of water while eating candy— which can neutralize the acid – your enamel is will become extra sensitive. Brushing your teeth when they’re already sensitive can cause more damage.

Tip #2: Sticky candies are the worst for your teeth Candies such as Starbursts, Laffy Taffy, Jelly Beans and others are the worst for your teeth. These types of candies can get stuck in the crevices of your teeth and your saliva can’t wash it away. The sugar will eat away at your enamel and cause cavities.

Tip #3: Eat candy all at once rather than throughout the day This doesn’t sound so bad right? It’s actually better to eat more of your candy at once rather than spreading it out throughout the day. The shorter amount of time your exposing your enamel to acid and sugar the better.

If you stick to this advice, your little ones can enjoy easter and still keep healthy teeth. Remember, holidays are meant to enjoy. If you look out for your children, you can enjoy easter AND the candy at the same time!