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At DiGrazia Dentistry, you can enjoy the convenience of having all of your family members cared for at the same family dentistry practice. We provide dental services for people ages 4 and older. At any age, good dental health will benefit you. Dr. DiGrazia prides himself on providing the care you and your family need.

Your Child’s Dental Needs

At our dental practice, our family dentist and our team is experienced in treating children. We create an environment that is welcoming to every member of your family. Our dental services for children include dental sealants, dental fillings, teeth cleanings, and more.

These early appointments are an important way to accustom your child to dentistry visits. It is also important for your child to feel comfortable receiving dental care, so he or she will continue taking care of his or her teeth for a lifetime. We work to create positive experiences for all of our patients.

Your Dental Needs

For adults, we provide all general dental care. As an adult, you may want to improve the appearance of your smile. Our dentistry services include cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers, in-office teeth whitening, dental crowns, and more.

Over the years, your teeth can accumulate stains and begin to show wear. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments can help you restore an appealing smile appearance.

Excellent family dentistry understands the unique dental concerns of older adults, including gum recession and missing teeth. To make sure you have flexibility in your treatment choices, we offer dental implants, dental bridges and dentures as tooth replacement options. We can also discuss cosmetic dentistry options like teeth whitening to rejuvenate your appearance and boost your confidence in your smile.

Teeth Cleanings

Dental Fillings

Dental Crowns

Dental Bridges


Root Canals

Gum Treatment

Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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