Tooth Be Told with Dr. DiGrazia’s Staff

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Featuring hygienist, Trish Freyre

Come get your teeth cleaned with Trish Freyer, she is one of our empathetic and caring hygienist. If you are a big Harry Potter fan she would be considered a “Hufflepuff”. Trish enjoys working at DiGrazia Dental because she feels that her team members are an amazing group to be with. In Trish’s free time she cooks, reads, runs a “Doctor Who” fan club in Reno and performs on 2 podcasts. Trish has been married to Eddy, her husband since June 2017 and they have 2 dogs (Jethro and River), and 3 cats (Lily, Mandy and Dag). Her inspirational people in her life have been her Mom and Walt Disney. Come on in and get your teeth cleaned with Trish

Trish’s “TOOTH TIP”

“Not flossing is one of the biggest causes of bad breath. It’s like having rotten food stuck between your teeth. Of course it’s going to smell”

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