It’s common for children to have anxiety when going to their dentist. As a young child, having a strange person put strange and cold objects in your mouth while being surrounded by strange noises can cause fear and unease. It’s important to nip this fear in the bud so that fear and anxiety can subside as soon as possible. As a parent there are some actions you can take to help your child and his or her dental anxiety.

Start Young: It’s recommended to bring your child in when their first tooth appears and/or before their first birthday. This is not only beneficial for their oral health but with help with building a positive relationship with dental visits.

Make It Fun: If you continually talk about the dentist in a positive manner and play it up to be a really fun time, your child will go into their dental visit with a positive attitude. When you’re at home with your child play dentist! This way you can teach your child how to brush properly but also offer a positive view of dentistry.

Lead By Example: Your children look to you in all aspects of life so make sure you’re practicing good oral hygiene in front of them. Talk about how you go to the dentist and how excited you are to go!

Find A Family Dentist: Family dentists, such as Dr. Digrazia, are focused on family needs and treatments. They work with children daily and know how to handle situations in which a child is dealing with anxiety. Dr. Digrazia is fantastic with communicating with children and making sure they feel as comfortable as possible.

At our dental practice, our family dentist and our team is experienced in treating children. We create an environment that is welcoming to every member of your family. Our dental services for children include: dental sealants, dental fillings and teeth cleanings. Call us today to set up an appointment!