Experiencing tooth sensitivity is a frequent affair, which can easily be identified on your own. In the U.S., approximately three million people suffer from it annually—but fortunately for you, DiGrazia Dentistry offers effective treatments to combat this condition! Diagnosis requires minimal time and effort; there are no laboratory tests or imaging required. After following our aftercare protocol, many patients have found that their tooth sensitivity has been resolved in just several months!

Dentin hypersensitivity is most commonly attributed to a thin layer of enamel or exposing dental roots. However, don’t be misled; cavities and decayed fillings can also lead to teeth sensitivity. And if that’s not enough, gum disease may cause unbearable tooth pain too!

DIY Tooth Sensitivity Cures

If you are looking for a variety of helpful remedies to reduce tooth sensitivity, look no further than these ten reliable solutions. Desensitizing toothpaste, Hydrogen Peroxide mouthwash, green tea, and honey with warm water as well as Capsaicin can all be effective in reducing discomfort. In addition to these natural options, turmeric powder mixed with a saltwater rinse or vanilla extract may also provide relief. Furthermore, clove oil or coconut oil are both excellent choices if your teeth require extra care.

DiGrazia Dentistry

At DiGrazia Dentistry, we understand that experiencing tooth sensitivity can be a source of discomfort. To prevent further pain and damage to your teeth, it is important to understand the cause of your tooth sensitivity. DiGrazia Dentistry will work closely with you to identify the root cause of your issue and create an individualized plan for prevention.

We specialize in helping those who are dealing with tooth sensitivity in all its forms, from hot or cold foods and drinks, brushing too hard, or eating acidic foods. Our team uses a variety of techniques to diagnose the causes behind your tooth sensitivity and create a personalized plan for preventing future issues. We may suggest topical fluoride applications, use desensitizing or bonding agents, or recommend changes to your diet or brushing technique.

At DiGrazia Dentistry, we strive to provide comprehensive care and advice to help you understand and prevent tooth sensitivity. Contact us today so that we can get started on the path toward healthy teeth and improved quality of life. We are dedicated to making your visit a relaxing, comfortable experience. DiGrazia Dentistry will help you and your family receive great dental care at affordable prices.

Our team is experienced, established, and well-known for excellence. We take pride in utilizing the most state-of-the-art equipment and methods available. We look forward to working with you!