Featuring hygienist, Stephanie Dory.

Do your teeth need to be cleaned?  Come get your teeth cleaned with our newest member on the DiGrazia Team, Stephanie Dory. Stephanie brings her hard working, caring and fabulousness to our team! We are so happy to have her. She enjoys hiking, backpacking, archery, shooting, concerts, baseball games and traveling. Stephanie enjoys also being with her amazing husband, Kent and her two sweet babies; Harrison (2 years old) and Eleanor (6 months old). Stephanie is a super busy fabulous mom and hygienist. She is mostly inspired by her children, making her want to be a better role model, work harder, be a better wife, mother and human.

Stephanie’s “TOOTH TIP”

“Get yourself a water pick, use it everyday, get up to the highest water pressure and use 1 full basin.  I have been using one since I was 8 years old.  I have never seen it not improve someone’s health.”