thanksgiving dental tips

Thanksgiving is the time of year to reflect all that we’re thankful for. We’re especially thankful for our health. Thanksgiving is also the time of year to enjoy lots of yummy treats! Here are a few Thanksgiving dental tips to help you stay on top of your health this year but also indulge in your sweets.

Drink Lots of Water: Not only is water good for you in general, but drinking water before meals helps you eat less so you aren’t over stuffed. Staying hydrated supports healthy saliva flow to wash away food from the teeth and prevents plaque accumulation.

Don’t Use Your Teeth To Open Stuff!: Please please please do NOT use your teeth to open anything! We know that sometimes the holidays can be stressful especially with the in-laws hovering over your shoulder, but don’t rush! Grab a bottle opener or a nut cracker to open up items.

Stay on Top of Brushing & Flossing: You’re most likely going to be indulging in more foods on Thanksgiving and a lot of sugary foods. Thanksgiving is a long day, so most likely you will have some plaque accumulation. Make sure you floss and brush really well before the end of the night!

Schedule a Post-Holiday Teeth Cleaning: The holidays are a busy time, schedule an appointment now for after the holidays so you know you’ll be starting 2020 off with excellent oral health!

We hope these Thanksgiving dental tips are helpful for you this year. As always, if you have any questions at all about your oral health, please give us a call at 775) 786-2077

Happy Thanksgiving from the team at DiGrazia Family Dentistry!