protecting your childs teeth from halloween candy

Halloween is right around the corner and we all know this is our kid’s favorite holiday. Candy for free? Of course its a child’s favorite holiday! (And yes, us parents, we love sneaking some of our children’s candy as well). We’re all about indulging in life, and we don’t think you should deprive yourself from candy, but we do believe in taking care of your teeth with extra precaution when enjoying your favorite sweet candies.

Ghouls and witches should be the only thing scaring us this halloween, not your child’s lack of oral health care. We’ve provided some tips that will help with protecting your child’s teeth from halloween candy.

Tip #1: Gummy & Sticky Candies Are The Most Dangerous

Candies such as Tootsie Rolls, Starbursts, Skittles, Milk Dudes and others are the worst for your teeth. These chewy candies will get stuck in the crevices of your teeth and your saliva can’t wash it away. The sugar will eat away at your enamel and cause cavities. If you do indulge in these candies, make sure you are flossing every night before bed!

Tip #2: Brush Your Teeth With Your Children

During Halloween season, and after, make sure to brush your teeth with your children. This way you can monitor their brushing technique and time. Try to get your child to brush their teeth for at least 2 minutes and to make sure they’re getting all the way in the back to reach their molars. Make brushing teeth a fun thing rather than a chore, this way your child won’t try to rush and will do a good job.

Tip #3 Avoid Sour Candies

Sour candies are extremely acidic on our teeth. If you’re going to be throwing away any candy, throw the sour ones away. It is not recommended to brush your teeth right after you eat candy because of the combination of sugar and acid. If you don’t drink a lot of water while eating candy— which can neutralize the acid – your enamel is will become extra sensitive. Brushing your teeth when they’re already sensitive can cause more damage. Add the sour component, and the enamel on your child’s teeth with eat away faster.

We hope you and your family have a safe and fun Halloween this year. Make sure to follow the tips listed above for protecting your child’s teeth from Halloween candy!