School is back into full swing which means we’re probably all running about 5 minutes late any where we go. When you’re trying to just get your kids out the door with their shoes on (and on the correct feet), making sure your kids brushed their teeth may not be the first thing on your mind. We want to help make sure your child’s back to school dental care is in tip top shape. Here are a few tips to help.

Buy An Extra Toothbrush

We know it may sound strange, but if you keep a spare toothbrush in the kitchen, you can snag your kids before they leave the kitchen after eating breakfast. We notice that in our family, when the kids are finished with breakfast, they rush to their room to put their shoes on and then we head out the door. If you can get your kids to just brush their teeth in the kitchen before they go put their shoes on, you’re good to go!

Put A Reminder Post-It Note On The Door or Bathroom Mirror

It’s simple, yet effective for back to school dental care. Have your kids make their own signs that say “Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth!” or, “Did You Brush Your Teeth?” Your children writing these signs will give them a little more motivation to follow through – and if not, hang the signs on the door so they see them before they leave the house. You can also put them on your bathroom mirror!

Goal Setting (With Reward)

We always say that if you make oral health fun it makes it a lot easier to remember to brush your teeth. Make a goal with your children that if they remember to brush their teeth every day for a week, on the weekend they can be rewarded with something sweet like chocolate chip pancakes or an ice cream (just remember to have them brush and floss after!)

When push come to shove, just keep some mouth wash in your car. Kids forget to brush their teeth sometimes, and if all they do is gargle and swish some mouth wash with fluoride – that’s better than nothing!

These are just a few tips to help with getting your child’s back to school dental care in tip top shape. Regardless, you are all amazing parents and you’re doing a great job! Book an appointment for your child’s 6-month cleaning with us today.