We all know the importance of brushing morning and night, but if you have children you know how difficult it can be to get them to brush their teeth. Toddlers want to do whatever they want, on their own time. Getting them out the door with their shoes on the right feet is difficult, but getting your children to brush their teeth doesn’t have to be.

The best way to encourage your child to brush his or her teeth is to make the process of brushing your teeth. Every child is different, and each will have their own “thing” that will making brushing teeth fun. We’ve compiled a few things that we think can help with making the process of brushing teeth a fun one for your kids.

Let your child pick our his or her own toothbrush. This allows them to have a say-so in this oh-so-terrible cleaning habit.
Brush your teeth together. Kids love to mimic their mom and dad, so if you two do it together they will be mimicking your oral health care!
Create a sticker calendar. Everyone time your son or daughter brushes his or her teeth they can put a sticker on their sticker chart. When their chart is filled up they can get a special prize.
Play creative games. There are many different crafts out there that you can use to help teach your child the importance of oral health care. Take an afternoon to play!
We know the difficulties parents have with their young children and their oral health. That’s why we’re here! Make sure to bring your child(ren) in for their check-ups to prevent cavities. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at, 775-786-2077.