holiday dental tips

The holidays are all about family, love, and jolly times. The holidays are definitely looking different this year, but we know one thing, we’ll still be eating lots of food and treats and indulging in delicious holiday drinks!

Here are some holiday dental tips to keep your smile healthy and happy during the holiday season.

  • Watch Out for Soda

Sodas are abundant at holiday parties, especially for the kiddos! But we all know that soda is filled with tons of sugar. If you want to indulge, try to use a reusable straw to keep the soda off your teeth!

  • Be Careful of Candy Canes

Hard candy is tasty and readily available at the holidays from candy canes to peppermints, but it can crack your teeth if you bite down wrong. These hard candies are also sticky and the sugars stick to your teeth and bury themselves into the grooves of your teeth, causing cavities!

  • Your teeth are not tools!

We get it, the holidays are busy. You’re cooking for many, you’re wrapping presents, you’re opening packages from Amazon – but don’t use your teeth! Take the extra step and please go grab some scissors!

  • Watch Your Wine Intake

If you like a nice red, be mindful of how this can stain your teeth. White wine is less of a risk to your white smile. If you do drink red, do so with food to mitigate how much of it gets on your teeth. Be sure to brush well if you do indulge in reds.

  • Eat the Cheese!

Did you know that the pH balancing effects of cheese help neutralize the acid that’s in boozy beverages and the calcium is great for your tooth health as well. Wine and cheese never sounded so good!

  • Fruit > Sweets

Fruit is sweet! We’re not saying don’t enjoy any sweets (it’s hard when everyone is giving holiday cookies!) If you’re having a big dinner or party, rather than prepping a number of cakes and pies, try sticking to one sweet dessert and then prep a big fruit plate to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Eat More Turkey

Turkey is good for your oral health! Turkey is a great source of phosphorus and protein – both of which can help your body fight tooth decay and keep your teeth strong and healthy.

We hope these holiday dental tips are helpful for you during the holiday season! The holidays look different this year, but we hope you all enjoy your time with friends and family!